Dong Gia Enterprise is specialized in handcrafted high-quality reactive firing ceramics.
Reactive firing technique bears with it the breath of history and has been around for more than 1000 years. However, it fades away gradually since the industrial revolution.

So as to perfecting and mastering reactive firing technique, the ceramist must research thoroughly about the geological components in the soil he utilizes for working, and combines that with in-depth knowledge in chemistry as well as many years of experience.
Dong Gia Enterprise was founded 8 years ago by French ceramist – Francois Jarlov and his wife – Ms Thuy Mai Phan.

Dong Gia Products are made with:
1. 40 years of experience
2. High firing temperature: 1300 degree Celsius
3. Handcrafted and high quality. We create our very own and unique glazes.
4. A passion for beauty – a combination between the East and the West
5. Easy to use in everyday life, suitable for different cuisine styles and celebrations… Microwave and dishwasher safe.


“Living with the Soul of Ceramics” Photo Contest 2018

“Sống chan hòa cùng tâm hồn Gốm Sứ” – Cuộc thi ảnh với chủ đề là những tấm ảnh cùng đồ gốm sứ Đông Gia kèm theo một đoạn văn ngắn mô tả và thể hiện cảm xúc của người chơi – sẽ là cầu nối giữa Đông Gia và những khách hàng yêu gốm …


the Winter Shade of Pale

Pine needles. Wood smoke. Snow. These are the smells of winter, and for people who live with distinct seasons, wintry weather brings its own set of olfactory experiences – Emily Sohn



Gold Emulsion Coffee Table

A deep beauty of Gold Emulsion Glaze.



Glazes for 2017

Our new glazes have been ready for customers for 2017



Celadon Tea Set

With the endless efforts over time, Dong Gia Ceramic has created the Celadon glaze, which meet the tastes of ceramic lovers.



Teal Feather Tea Set

The colour of the sky bird.




Each of them can fulfil individual demand for all special occasion.